Who We Are

Implementing Perfection With Innovative Vision

We are trying to improve the quality of yoga throughout the state of New York and the country thanks to better practices. With the best instructors and the best methods, we are going to show you what great yoga can do for your life.

Our Story

Our founder was living in New York for 5 years when she realized that she was just not getting out of the house enough. She started to feel bad about the way that she looked and wanted to find a way to get into better shape in the cold tundra of New York. She started taking yoga classes at different studios in the city, but never felt like she fit in. Instead of still going to class, she started doing things at home. She began offering sessions with her friends who encouraged her to bring her empathetic approach to yoga to the public by opening her own studio.

Two years later, Wisdom in New York was born and has been expanding ever since. With a commitment to the people and getting better yoga out of them, we have been a leader in the field.


Don’t discount this aspect because you can’t see it right in front of you. Your spiritual health is as important as your physical and mental health.


Connect with your internal thoughts. They say that you only use 10% of your brain, but we will teach you to tap deeper in.


You can lose weight, improve circulation, and more by stretching out. You might feel much better in your office chair when your muscles are loose.

Our Offerings

  • We offer the best yoga classes that you can find in the city
  • Meditation sessions help you link the body and mind together
  • Our incredible staff will guide you through with no judgement
  • We encourage our students to make friendships and break the ice
  • Learn more about our practice to begin learning more about yourself
  • Your health can improve in a variety of ways, mental and physical
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Read tips and tricks straight from our staff of yoga experts.

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